Methyl Acetate

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Methyl acetate is an acetate ester resulting from the formal condensation of acetic acid with methanol. A low-boiling (57 ℃) colourless, flammable liquid, it is used as a solvent for many resins and oils. It has a role as a polar aprotic solvent, a fragrance and an EC (pyroglutamyl-peptidase I) inhibitor. It is an acetate ester, a methyl ester and a volatile organic compound. 
Acetate is an ingredient used in many products like cosmetics, cleaning supplies, and textiles. Companies also use it in food that is canned, processed, pre-packaged, fermented, or condensed. Condiments like mustard also use acetate because of the anti-caking properties of the sodium acetate.

Acetate is used as a solvent in paints, inks, coatings. Cellulose acetate is used eyeglass frame. It is used in diapers. Potassium acetate is used as a food preservative. There are various methods of producing methyl acetate. One that is used industrially is via carbonylation. These types of reactions bring together carbon monoxide substrates. To produce methyl acetate, methanol is heated alongside acetic acid in the presence of sulfuric acid. Another method of production is the esterification of methanol and acetic acid in the presence of a strong acid. Sulfuric acid is a common catalyst also used in this reaction.

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